Should there be an app for this?

I posted earlier this year about the need to be connected, the inspiration came from Radio 4’s ‘Book of the week’ The book was called “The Winter of Our Disconnect” an hilarious account of how Susan Maushart and her family lived without technology for six months.

Six months would be tough – I am a real gadget fan, everywhere I go my iphone goes too. I also check in on foursquare at most places to the annoyance of those with me. Why would anyone be interested in what I am doing or where I am? Well there is a reason, I am doing it all for you!

With gadgets in hand (mostly this will be just my iphone) I will travel around Cornwall and then talk about my experiences in my blog and on our website, holiday site seeing at Lanyon Manor. What I would recommend, no-one knows about this spot, all mixed in with a little Cornish history. But I would like to do more I would like to create a Lanyon app and this is where I need your help. What would the Lanyon app do?

My ideas:

  • Something fun for the children, get them out site seeing finding clues and learning at the same time.
  • Provide you with daily ideas, where to go and what to do.
  • Send you interesting fact alerts depending on your global positioning.
  • Provide you with Lanyon recommendations depending on your global positioning.

Whilst researching (not playing…definitely research) and reading articles on my current favourite website Tnooz ‘Talking Travel Tech’ (a big shout out to @kevinlukemay) I came across the CityBot which is a personal travel guide, built to simplify travel planning for everyone. Not available yet, but I have signed up for it and Go Pro Travelling which will “Share and map your trips. A revolutionary trip planner coming soon!” I have signed up for that one too…I also got sucked into this video – ‘Travel and cutting edge technology of the future.’ Amazing.

Come on all you iphone, android and app addicts, what would you like to see from a Lanyon app? You can also post where you would like me to visit in Cornwall. Get stuck in everyone this is gonna be fun.

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